"Healing is a process, a movement, a transition toward balance, connectedness, meaning and wholeness. 

Healing is a movement, not an outcome."  --Richard Katz, Sacred Stories

Photo Credit:  Plurabella Photographty

Photo Credit:  Plurabella Photographty

I have witnessed, both in myself and in others, the boundless potential we embody.  I have also seen how our history, both known and unknown -- be it personal, ancestral, cultural and beyond -- can limit us and keep us small and bound and caught in destructive patterns.  

I am interested in maps that step beyond our wounds and our personal, familial and cultural understandings.  I am interested in education and experience that inspire creativity, compassion and health; we know all too well the pathways that are familiar and debilitating.  And I am interested in working to build a trust and safety that allow for new experiences to emerge and lead us. 

I believe that our body, mind and spirit, as well as our relations to self, others and all life -- are deeply connected.  We have profound potential for creative expression, especially if it can be nurtured and supported.


In my work, I incorporate:

Awareness:  "We can't change what we don't know we are doing."  Feldenkrais.  Awareness of both our internal experience and our external actions is key to being able to change.

Mindfulness:  A skill, that, if cultivated, can enhance our ability to meet ourselves and others with compassion, right where we/they are.

Movement, Breath and the Body:  The body is the vehicle with which we experience this life.  Connecting with the body, through awareness, breath and movement, can help create the possibility for change at all levels of being.  

Education:  Education can help bring cognitive understanding to our limitations and our potential.  I draw both on current research and on ancient practices to support change and transformation.

This photo was taken by me atop a mountain in the   Pecos, a powerful place of refuge for me.    

This photo was taken by me atop a mountain in the 

Pecos, a powerful place of refuge for me. 


A Bigger Perspective:  I believe much of healing is about creating a larger picture than the one we have, about having a fluidity in perception and perspective.  To develop and connect with a larger perspective, with new and fertile ground, I often use the gifts and lessons in nature, ritual and family constellation work, as well as creative ways to externalize what is inside us. 

Consistent and Open Feedback:  I consider feedback critical to the therapeutic process.  

Fees: Fee for Individual Work is $100 an hour.   Fee for Partner/Couples Work is $150 for a 90 minute session.  Upon agreement, session length may vary.

Insurance:  I do not accept insurance; however, it may be possible for you to obtain a refund for my sessions from your insurance company.  Simply request the documentation and you can submit it to your insurance company.




"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -- that is the myth of the atomic age -- as in being able to remake ourselves."    


  --Mahatma Ghandi




A powerful thread in my own life and well-being, and therefore in the work I bring to clients, is the importance of respectfully engaging the body in the healing process.  Without knowing where it would lead, I began to follow this thread in the early 1980's as a massage therapist and as co-founder of Tulsa's first center for alternative health care, The CentreWorks.  I have been guided into a lifetime of experience, training and education in body-centered therapeutic modalities, including certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Hakomi Therapy and licensure as a professional counselor (LPC).  

Stan Tatkin:  Couples Therapy with PACT:  A Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (thepactinstitue.com)

Anne Linden Steele and Suzi Tucker:  Family Constellation Work (www.annelindensteele.com(www.suzitucker.com)

Arnold Mindell and Process Work (www.processwork.org)

Pat Ogden:  Sensorimotor Therapy and Hakomi Therapy (www.sensorimotorpsychotherpay.org) (www.hakomi.org)

Bill Bowen:  Psycho-Physical Therapy (www.psychophysicaltherapy.com)

I have also had wonderful mentors, friends, clients and life experiences that directly influence my work and presence in the world.