I have known Paula Jensen since the mid-eighties, when she came to Tulsa to join us at The CentreWorks.  She moved to Santa Fe in 1994, and beginning in the fall of 2008, Paula began returning to Tulsa once a month to do her work with people. I have the privilege of hosting her as she does her work in Tulsa. ~Lynda Jacobs

My intimate journey with cranial work has recovered in me a wonder at the body's innate ability to find its own way, and an acquaintance with the possibilities inherent in a body's systems.  My work is more about listening than explaining, more about attending than ascertaining, less of prescription, much of witnessing, of mystery.

Were I attempt to illustrate my work, I would choose moving images, maybe time-lapse, of light on water, wind and waves weaving patterns with beach sand, morning dew forming on petals, the travels of clouds  The specific organization, or music, of an individual likewise inspires in me a curiosity:  What is the disposition here?  What potentials are seeking to be expressed?

Typically, the removal of people from native and instinctual ways has evolved a detachment of the body from spirit.  We are subject to forces that dehumanize.  To what extent is disease a loss of place or references, an interruption that disrupts natural functioning?  Can presence reconstruct a consciousness that is consonant with source?  Rather than offering the "cures" or "solutions" of a diagnostic model, my work is to accommodate resolutions.

I am devoted to observation, which has a current, a flow and clarity of its own, when not obstructed by too many conclusions.  In my experience, attention creates an openness which invites, and facilitates, emergent changes appropriate to a particular moment in a particular life.  My work supports a movement that I would characterize as the body's engagement with the spirit, an essential communication that for me defines "health."  My treatments offer a profound sense of well-being.

If you are interested in scheduling with Paula when she comes to town, please contact me:  lyndaannjacobs@gmail.com