Upcoming Class:

Find the Truth Your Body Knows
November 6 & December 4 at 7:00 p.m.
Lynda Jacobs & Rev. Barbara Prose

What does the word ‘values’ conjure up for you? Can exploring them take you deeper into self, family and community? Do you want your actions to be congruent with your deepest values and truest self? Many spiritual teachers would say this congruence is what we all seek. Using experiential movement and inquiry, we will explore where we stand in relation to our aspirations and our actions. Herman Hesse said, “I wanted only to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?” Let’s make it a little bit easier by moving, learning and practicing together. This class will be closed after the first meeting.

Other Class Options:  From time to time I offer six or eight-week experiential learning courses.  These courses are limited to eight people with an emphasis on education and skill-building. The topics are always evolving to match my current interests and passions.  

Some past topics include:

Self-Care as a Way of Life:  Bringing Language, Understanding and Responsibility to Self-Care

Mindfulness and the Body:  The Art of Listening

Dual Awareness:  Staying Connected with Yourself in Relationship

If you are interested in organizing a class or participating in one, please contact me.



Paula Jensen


I have known Paula Jensen since the mid-eighties, when she came to Tulsa to join us at The CentreWorks.  She moved to Santa Fe in 1994, and beginning in the fall of 2008, Paula began returning to Tulsa once a month to do her work with people.  It is hard to describe Paula; in fact, I shuffle in my seat and get a grin on my face when I think about even trying to do that.  Paula is the kindest most generous and perceptive human being I know.  If I were to pick a symbol for her, it would be the heart; if I were to pick a word it would be gifted.  

I have the privilege of hosting Paula's work in Tulsa.  Again, I shuffle and I grin.  It is also hard to describe her work, so I will use words instead of sentences:  perceptive, honoring, spacious, generous, healing, expansive, clear, direct, mysterious....Paula is an Herbalist, does Craniosacral Work and she does more -- she meets you and gives your system (body, mind and spirit) the space to find itself.  

If you are interested in scheduling with Paula when she comes to town, please give me a call (918-605-6088) or e-mail:


Upcoming 2014 Workshops that I am Sponsoring:


Virginia Krauft



Karen Chadwick






Andy Harkin




Andy Harkin

Mark Jensen 




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Workshops I facilitate (topics include):

Living Self-Care

Vicarious Trauma:  The 'Hidden Exchange'

Dual Awareness:  Staying Connected with Yourself in Relationship

Evoking Curiosity:  Its Role in Therapy

Facilitating a Sense of Safety through Self-Regulation

If you are interested in having me present at your conference or within your organization, please contact me.