"Constellations help us draw new maps from familiar points in our lives...

Every constellation is a chance to step beyond the limits of our private understandings."

 Suzi Tucker

Anne Linden Steele working with a client to clarify her issue.   

Anne Linden Steele working with a client to clarify her issue.   

Back in 2010, Beth Field and I decided we were ready to introduce Tulsa to a beautiful and transformative body of work, known as Family Constellation Work.  Founded by respected philosopher, visionary, and student of the heart, Bert Hellinger (www.hellinger.com), and introduced to Tulsa through the generous heart and open, perceptive mind of Anne Linden Steele (www.annelindensteele.com), Family Constellation Work in Tulsa has sustained numerous workshops and just completed it's second training!

Participating in Family Constellation Work has shifted my perception, influenced my private practice and is in my awareness in my day-to-day relating to myself, my family, my friends, my work and the world.  That says a lot, and it is true:  this work has touched my life and my heart.

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I am the organizer for the Family Constellation Workshops.  I also do Family Constellation Work in my private practice.  If you would like any information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

See calendar for upcoming Family Constellation Workshops.