From time to time I offer experiential learning courses.  These courses have an emphasis on building skills and understanding, awakening possibility and permission.  The topics are always evolving to match my current interests and passions.  If you are interested in a class for a group of friends or colleagues, or participating in one, please contact me. 


Upcoming Classes 2015

Gathering:  With Lynda Jacobs and Paula Jensen - This class is designed to inspire, create, and define possibility....and more...

A Year of Support:  What might your life look like if you had a consistent and strong  Year of Support?  Co-facilitated with Annie Heartfield Hartzog, these groups are filled with deep sharing, experiential exercises, struggle, pain, laughter, tears, palpable support, questions.

University of Oklahoma: I have the exciting opportunity in 2015 to be an adjunct professor at OU Tulsa, teaching a class on Personality and Personality Disorders!

Workshops:  I both facilitate and organize workshops and seminars. Topics Include:  

  • Living Self-Care
  • Staying Connected with Yourself in Relationship
  • Facilitating a Sense of Safety through Self-Regulation
  • Vicarious Trauma:  The 'Hidden' Exchange

Stay tuned for other learning opportunities!

Some past topics include:

  • Self-Care as a Way of Life:  Bringing Language, Understanding and Responsibility to Self-Care
  • Mindfulness and the Body:  Deepening Self-Awareness
  • Dual Awareness:  Staying Connected with Yourself in Relationship

If you are interested in organizing a class or participating in one, please contact me.


"Lynda connects theoretical material with lived experience in helpful, amazing ways.  I continue to use approaches to self-regulation that she taught me; they transform experience by rooting me here-and-now instead of in the anxiety of my mind and automatic nervous system." - Duane Bidwell, Ph.D

"Lynda's class was very informative:  a blend of presented material, discussion and active participation exercises.  Lynda creates a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn and experience the material.  She is very very approachable, real and objective.  I didn't ever feel like she was invested in my having a particular experience or outcome.  I thoroughly enjoyed her class and learned useful tools to include in my life.  When I use the tools - I definitely see the benefits." - Katie Koonz

"Current research demonstrates that mindfulness and body-oriented therapies are effective cutting edge interventions for promoting health, emotional self-regulation, and well -being.  Given contemporary society's high levels of stress, trauma, and emotional distress, these skills are needed now more than ever.  Lynda Jacobs has recognized and responded to this need for many years now.  She is a highly trained and competent counselor and body-worker.  Furthermore, she is not only an experienced practitioner of these skills, but an excellent teacher and trainer as well.  I have learned and continue to learn a great deal from her wisdom and experience.  I highly recommend her courses and workshops to all interested in improving their self-and -body awareness, emotional self-regulation, and general sense of wholeness and well-being." - Chad Johnson, Ph.D

"Lynda is without a doubt one of the most talented and professional facilitators with whom we have had the pleasure of working.  She was able to assist the group, through education and experiential exercises in focusing and listening to their bodies and their minds.  She guided the workshop attendees in understanding the connection between them both, and the impact of that on their work.  Lynda has a calming and soothing effect on her audience, which is an absolute necessity to gain trust and engage people suffering from vicarious trauma and burnout." - Jennifer McLaughlin, LPC and Tamatha Mosier, CDSVRP